Map of Israel A Center for Young Adults in Beer-Sheva, part of a countrywide network offering career counseling, vocational training, and job placement services to those having difficulty entering the workplace.

Israel today boasts one of the world’s most dynamic economies and one of the most diverse populations. Yet, it also has the second largest gap between the rich and poor in the OECD: 1.8 million men, women and children live below the poverty line and 39% of Israelis find it difficult to live on their current income.

JDC partners with the Israeli government to create strategies and solutions to combat the country’s biggest internal challenges.

By investing in Israel’s most precious resource—its people—JDC helps the country ensure that it can provide for its most vulnerable, foster greater equality of opportunity, leverage its human capital, and strengthen its future as a nation.

Working with the State and a variety of local partners to ensure the greatest possible impact, JDC in Israel works to:


JDC has helped over 75,000 chronically unemployed Israelis prepare for and find employment. Based on a successful vocational training model that’s enabled thousands of Haredim to support their families, JDC is working with the State of Israel to build a network of one-stop employment centers throughout the country to integrate Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, and Druze into the workforce.