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From the CEO: On Jewish Unity and Inclusion

By: Alan H. Gill

In our yearning to reach out and offer solace and hope to those most in need, we tap the deepest part of our connectedness as a Jewish people and transcend the labels, divisions, and the differences that seem to divide us.

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Dispatch: Standing With Israelis During Troubled Times

As Israelis continue to face increasing terror attacks, Prof. Yossi Tamir, JDC's Israel Regional Director, sent the following dispatch on JDC's role in addressing the tensions and fears among Israelis at this time of uncertainty and violence.

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Finding My Global Jewish Family in "Georgia (Europe)"

– Fernando Camisar

photo: Alex Weisler/JDC
Tags: Entwine

Georgia began for me as “Georgia (Europe),” and ended up being the names, the experiences, the aromas, the flavors, the friends, and the feelings.

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Building a Bridge to a Better Future

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

This summer, a JDC Ambassadors trip set off to build bridges of a most personal kind with Jews in Hungary and the former Yugoslavia – Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia – and to better understand how they live.

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On Crimean Peninsula, Building Jewish Community

Despite the political crisis that has plagued Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula since 2014, JDC's activities in cities like Sevastopol and Simferopol continue unabated.

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Q&A: David Bezmozgis

Award-winning novelist David Bezmozgis, whose family was assisted by JDC on their emigration from Latvia, is a master storyteller at the height of his powers.

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On Visit to the Field, Challenging Easy Assumptions

By: Alex Weisler

photo: photo credit: Alex Weisler
Tags: Families

Georgia was a rich and troubling multi-sensory experience that challenged easy narratives about what Jewish renewal looks like in the former Soviet Union.

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A Summer Respite in Troubled Ukraine

Nikita Danilenko and his family were never JDC clients before Ukraine's violent political and economic crisis erupted last year.

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From the CEO: In Europe, JDC Prepares for the Future

By: by Alan Gill


Jewish communities are deeply shaken by the fatal shootings at a kosher store in Paris and a synagogue in Copenhagen that took place earlier this year. Coupled with the ongoing euro-zone crisis, Jewish cooperation and preparedness in Europe is more important than ever.

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Moscow Soccer Tournament Blends Jewish Identity, Volunteerism

Tags: Children

Four Jewish soccer teams from Russia and Israel came together in Moscow for the Inter Maccabi Cup, a two-day tournament marking the 25th anniversary of the revival of the Maccabi community in Russia.

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The Jewish Response to Disaster

Ram Tripathi gave a searing presentation about Nepal to JDC donors, giving circle members, JDC Entwine members, and friends.

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Inaugural Moscow Jewish Children's Book Festival Draws Enthusiastic Crowd

Tags: Children

Thirteen of the best Moscow publishing houses came together late last month to celebrate International Children's Day with a children's book festival.

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Q&A: On the Ground in Nepal, Finding Hope and Heartache

Connect to JDC's critical earthquake relief work in Nepal with an emotional Q&A featuring a member of our disaster response team in Kathmandu.

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Judafest Celebrates Hungarian Jewish Pride, Identity

For eight years, the JDC-sponsored Judafest festival has brought thousands of members of Hungary’s Jewish community to the streets to celebrate their culture and share their pride in their identity.

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Changing Lives: Social Innovation in Israel

At a JDC Ambassadors breakfast on social innovation, Avital Goel and Yiftah Leket spoke about how they were able to change the lives of hundreds of dangerously at-risk young Israelis.

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On the Ground: Bhumlichowk, Nepal

JDC is working with AIDMI and local disaster mitigation teams to immediately assist the people of Bhumlichowk, who had been cut off from aid for more than a week following the disaster.

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In Djerba, A Lag Ba'Omer Pilgrimage

photo: credit: Gil Shefler/JDC

They'll gather together once more, as they've done on Lag Ba'Omer for 150 years – thousands of Jews visiting "La Ghriba," the ornate and ancient synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba.

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On the Ground: Delivering Relief in Manikhel, Nepal

By: Sam Amiel

Today's visit to a very tight-knit community that lost a daughter was heart-wrenching. We brought our condolences, visited with each family to understand how they are surviving, and delivered critically needed aid.

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Making a Difference—with Lemonade and a Smile

For Sam Cohen and his friend Lars Clausen, much of their past week in school was spent worrying about what was happening to children like themselves in Nepal.

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JDC Responds: Team in Kathmandu, Packing Aid Supplies in NY

JDC helped facilitate the delivery of two critically needed neonatal incubators, and is concurrently working with the Afya Foundation to pack and ship humanitarian and medical supplies to a Kathmandu hospital.

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