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Q&A: Yoni Leifer, JDC's Representative in Eastern Ukraine

Explore his life journey from Minsk, Belarus where he was able to embrace his Jewish identity after years of Communist oppression, to Israel, to his current role working in crisis-wracked Ukraine.

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JDC in a Changing World

photo: photo credit: Romina Hendlin

The following is a speech given by Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein at a JDC Schiff Society meeting on September 26, 2016.

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How a Small Initiative Became a Lifeline for Refugees

By: Itai Shamir, The Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief

photo: Photo Credit: Info Park

I'm walking around Belgrade, it's the summer of 2016, and a global humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding before my eyes.

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Jewish Families Come Together to Celebrate Shabbaton in Style

Tags: Families

For the first time, 33 at-risk children and their families, with the youngest child less than a year old, traveled to a retreat center outside of Odessa for a celebratory Shabbaton.

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Giving Back Meets Back-To-School

By: By Anna Pavlova

It’s easy to get to the community to come together when we’re working for one common goal: to help our community’s kids.

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In Cuba, Blending Fun and Jewish Community

JDC brought a blend of fun and Jewish community-building to Cuba recently, with a special beach day outing.

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Odessa Horse Therapy Program Helps Children In Need

Tags: Children

13 year-old Egor is one of five at-risk Ukrainian Jewish children with special needs from the Odessa community who recently visited the city’s Horse Club for a special therapy program.

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Celebrating Shabbat Together in Turkey

By: Lisya Behar

Seeing new things and experiencing new traditions creates a better future. Together, there are many more things to explore, many more ways to be Jewish and to be proud of being Jewish.

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From the CEO: Memory in Action - Elie Wiesel, JDC in Poland

By: Alan H. Gill

– Executive Vice President & CEO

The persistence, and power, of memory in Jewish life is undeniable. It is a driver of many great achievements and gives us pause when brazen acts of inhumanity interrupt our daily routines in the form of terrorism, hate, and persecution. In the last week, the enormity of that fact has come home in several ways for us at JDC.

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Remembering Elie Wiesel

By: Will Recant

– JDC Assistant Executive Vice President and noted disaster relief expert

The death of Elie Wiesel has hit me particularly hard, as my last surviving uncle is only one year younger and ill. The last survivors of the Holocaust are dying and as a child of survivors, I feel as though we are losing the connection to that Jewish world that was destroyed by the Holocaust.

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NYC Interfaith Volunteer Effort for Syrian Refugees Underscores Partnership for JDC

For three years now, the civil war raging in Syria has produced millions of refugees fleeing violence, presenting a global humanitarian challenge to nations in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

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JDC Participates in "Israel Opens Doors" Exhibit

Tags: Elderly

In the heart of Russia's capital city, in the Manezh exhibition hall, the "Israel Opens Doors" exhibit — running through June 12 — celebrates the 25th anniversary of the resurrection of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Jewish state.

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Entwined: Me, Sabah and JDC

By: Naomi Levin, JDC Entwine

Tags: Entwine

JDC gave me a piece of my family history – and at the end of the day, it’s the whole reason I’m standing here today.

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JDC Q&A: World Humanitarian Summit Reflections

By: Sam Amiel

photo: Sam Amiel

A Q&A with Sam Amiel, JDC’s Senior Program Director, International Development Program and Asia/Africa Region, on his experience at the first UN World Humanitarian Summit.

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On the Ground in Ecuador, Delivering Critical Aid

JDC's disaster relief expert and field medic Mike Attinson and JDC Latin America community development expert Viviana Bendersky are on the ground in Ecuador, coordinating JDC's response.

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NFTE Takes Bite Out Of Big Apple

By: Jamie Epstein

photo: photo credit: Jamie Epstein/JDC

Living in Jerusalem, 17-year-old Yaron Ohayon cares for his elderly father when he isn’t in school. Before enrolling in the Amal Lady Davis High School, Yaron dropped out of four other schools.

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Gratitude and Action: Coming Together to Do Good

By: Rebecca Neuwirth

My friends Ron Burton and Steve Silverman set off a month ago to help underprivileged children in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to attend a most amazing summer camp.

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Seeking Refuge: From Immigrant To Immigration Advocate

By: Lana Alman

Tags: Entwine

It said “Jew” in our passports. This is what motivated my parents to take the courageous act of leaving everything behind in search of refuge in the U.S.

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In Moscow, Powerful Play Bridges Generations

The experience was meaningful for both the teens and the elderly clients – an event to remember for vulnerable Jews who rarely get the chance to leave their homes.

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Building Connections Between Jewish Communities in the Former Soviet Union

Tags: Education

More than 150 Jewish professionals from across the former Soviet Union recently participated in JDC's sixth annual Jewish Educators' Conference, held at the Hesed Eliyahu social welfare center in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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